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My site generate a lot of queries to database, for each user generates 6 queries. I tried to fine the source of that but my knowlagde was not enouch to find. If anyone could help me how to fine the source of that queris?

I used: Joomla 2.5.8 Main Components: CB, Kunena, SH404SEF, K2, Komento, UddeIM PMS Main Modules: Gavick News PRO4 Block spam IP Block bots

The queries which are generate for each user:

  FROM `_users`
  WHERE `id` = 15

SELECT `g`.`id`,`g`.`title`
  FROM `_usergroups` AS g
  INNER JOIN `_user_usergroup_map` AS m
  ON m.group_id = g.id
  WHERE `m`.`user_id` = 15

  FROM _user_usergroup_map AS map
  LEFT JOIN _usergroups AS a
  ON a.id = map.group_id
  LEFT JOIN _usergroups AS b
  ON b.lft <= a.lft
  AND b.rgt >= a.rgt
  WHERE map.user_id = 15

SELECT a.rules
  FROM _assets AS a
  WHERE (a.id = 1)
  GROUP BY a.id, a.rules, a.lft

  FROM _assets
  WHERE parent_id = 0

SELECT b.rules
  FROM _assets AS a
  LEFT JOIN _assets AS b
  ON b.lft <= a.lft
  AND b.rgt >= a.rgt
  WHERE (a.id = 1 OR a.parent_id=0)
  GROUP BY b.id, b.rules, b.lft
  ORDER BY b.lft
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well of course there are going to be a fair amount of queries per use, as you are using extensions such as CB and Kunena, that include queries for each user. Unless you get a message from your host saying too much memory is being used or there is too much traffic, you should be fine.

Joomla is a CMS and therefore these sort of things need to be expected when there are a fair amount of users.

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Thank you for your replay. I never find information that these components generate a lot of queries. At the kunena forum I got answer that kunena can't be source of these queries. Did you met with similar problem on the other websites? I didn't get information from my host abaout using too much memory but 1700 queries is little disturbing. –  user2000424 Feb 5 '13 at 18:18
@user2000424 - If you to to the Joomla backend, then go to Global Configuration, then System, then turn on Debug System. Refresh the frontend of your site and it will show you the database queries and which extensions they are coming from –  Lodder Feb 5 '13 at 22:40

Actually we just fixed a bug in the rules field that was generating an excessive number of queries. It will be fixed in 3.0.4 which is due out next week and whenever another 2.5 release comes out. In the meantime you can fix it yourself.


But that's not what you are asking about. The number of queries isn't really the issue (it's totally reasonable) the question is how fast are they.

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