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I am new to Android.

I have a ExpandableListView, where I have managed to highlight (persistent) the selected item/child. But when I click/touch the group, the highlighted item goes away and seems like list has been redrawn. In onGroupClick, I am try to keep the highlighted item highlighted, but even then it redraws the list.

public boolean onGroupClick(ExpandableListView parent, View v,
        int groupPosition, long id) {
    // TODO keepSelectedModuleHighlited. Right now its not working.
    if (parent.isGroupExpanded(groupPosition)) {
    } else {


    return true;

And method : keepSelectedModuleHighlited

    private void keepSelectedModuleHighlited() {
    if (lastSelectedView != null && lastSelectedDrawble != null) {


How can I put my method just after it redraws the list? Any Idea?

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Since when Android "redraws the list", it calls getChildView() on your ExpandableListAdapter, you need to put your highlighting code in getChildView().

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