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I have developed a Google based android map application which points my current location and I succeeded in that. But,the marker I am using has a circle in it and it is dark blue in color when it is zoomed in and this is somewhat odd. We can't trace the nearby places to us. I used locationoverlay for this. This is my code:

private void setMaptoLocation(Location location) {
    int LAT = (int) (location.getLatitude() * 1E6);
    int LNG = (int) (location.getLongitude() * 1E6);
    GeoPoint point = new GeoPoint(LAT, LNG);
    MapController mapController = mapView.getController();
    MyLocationOverlay myLocationOverlay = new MyLocationOverlay(this,mapView);

Can anybody do a suggestion please to change the color of the circle / to make it transparent, so that the mapview will be a little more better. Thanks in advance!!!
This is the view that I am getting

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Try this similar How to Answer[1] about changing the marker. [1]: – roarster Jan 23 '13 at 13:18
You should use ItemizedOverlay – Jambaaz Jan 23 '13 at 14:09

In Google Maps API v2, I think the overlay is not required. Now you can change your circle color as follows;

// Create an ellipse centered at Sydney.
    PolygonOptions options = new PolygonOptions();
    int numPoints = 400;
    float semiHorizontalAxis = 10f;
    float semiVerticalAxis = 5f;
    double phase = 2 * Math.PI / numPoints;
    for (int i = 0; i <= numPoints; i++) {
        options.add(new LatLng(SYDNEY.latitude + semiVerticalAxis * Math.sin(i * phase),
                SYDNEY.longitude + semiHorizontalAxis * Math.cos(i * phase)));
//Here you can change the color of the circle market called as "plygon" on Google Maps API v

    mSYDNEYcircle = mMap.addPolygon(new options
            .strokeWidth(float width)

For more information, please see the Google API v2 Guide.

enter image description here

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