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I have the following path:

I want absolutely everything that comes after "" in a string.

Using a splat doesn't work (only catches "foo/bar"):

get '/browse/*' do

Neither does the regular expression (also only catches "foo/bar"):

get %r{/browse/(.*)} do

The x and y params are all accessible in the params hash, but doing a .map on the ones I want seems unreasonable and un-ruby-like (also, this is just an example.. my params are actually very dynamic and numerous). Is there a better way to do this?

More info: my path looks this way because it is communicating with an API and I use the route to determine the API call I will make. I need the string to look this way.

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The '/foo/bar' part of the route is always present? –  nicooga Jan 23 '13 at 14:24

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If you are willing to ignore hash tag in path param this should work(BTW browser would ignore anything after hash in URL)

updated answer

get "/browse/*" do
  p "#{request.path}?#{request.query_string}".split("browse/")[1]

Or even simpler

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get "/browse/*" do
  a = "#{params[:splat]}?#{request.env['rack.request.query_string']}"
  "Got #{a}"
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