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I want to calculate something like

by group: egen x if y==1 - x if y==2

Of course this is not a real stata code but I'm kind of lost. In R this is simply passed by a "[]" behind the variable of intrest but I'm not sure about stata

R would be

x[y==1] - x[y==2]
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I would use reshape.

version 11.2
set seed 2001

* generate data
set obs 100
generate y = 1 + mod(_n - 1, 2)
generate x = rnormal()
generate group = 1 + floor((_n - 1) / 2)
list in 1/10

* reshape to wide and difference
reshape wide x, i(group) j(y)
generate x_diff = x1 - x2
list in 1/5

I would use reshape in R, also. Otherwise can you be sure that everything is properly ordered to give you the difference you want?

There is likely a neat Mata solution, but I know very little Mata. You may find preserve and restore helpful if you're averse to reshapeing.

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Hey, it worked with a bit of work but thanks. Stata and me are not quite there yet :). In R I use subset or grep to get the subset and then theres usually no doubt that the difference is correct. In this paricular case it would be very easy since I can just substract to vectors: j <- grep(<condition>,x), then x[j][y>u] - x[j][y>u]. The [y>u]part can be omitted if we add a condition to grep which can be extened in the usual sense. –  Druss2k Jan 23 '13 at 15:23

Richard Herron makes a good point that a reshape to a different structure might be worthwhile. Here I focus on how to do it with the existing structure.

Assuming that there are precisely two observations for each group of group, one with y == 1 and one with y == 2, then

bysort group (y) : gen diff = x[1] - x[2] 

gives the difference between values of x, necessarily repeated for each observation of two in a group. An assumption-free method is

bysort group: egen mean_1 = mean(x / (y == 1)) 
by group: egen mean_2 = mean(x / (y == 2)) 
gen diff = mean_1 - mean_2 

Consider expressions such as x / (y == 1). Here the denominator y == 1 is 1 when y is indeed 1 and 0 otherwise. Division by 0 yields missing in Stata, but the egen command here ignores those. So the first command of the three commands above yields the mean of x for observations for which y == 1 and the second the mean of x for observations for which y == 2. Other values of y (even missings) will be ignored. This method should agree with the first method when the first method is valid.

For a review of similar problems, see http://stata-journal.com/article.html?article=dm0055

In Stata the if referred to here is a qualifier (not a command).

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Great thanks!. It's always nice to have a alternative approach at hand! –  Druss2k Jan 23 '13 at 18:20
Thanks for the lesson! –  Richard Herron Jan 23 '13 at 18:34

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