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these are my models

class Apartment
belongs_to :house

class House
has_many :apartments


def index
    @apartments = Appartment.all

apartment index view

    - @appartments.each do |apartment|
      .item{:class => apartment.features_to_html_class }
                %h2 #{link_to apartment.name, appartment_path(apartment)}
                  = raw truncate(apartment.property_description, :length => 375, :omission => '...')
                      = t('apartment.details.reviews')
                      = t('apartment.details.persons')
                      = t('apartment.details.bedrooms')
                      = t('apartment.details.bathrooms')

                = image_tag(apartment.attachments.last.file.url, :class => 'thumbnail')
              - apartment.attachments.limit(4).each do |a|
                  %a{:href => "#"}
                  = image_tag(a.file.url(:thumb), :class => "thumbnail")

                  #{link_to t('apartments.summary.button'), appartment_path(apartment), :class => 'btn btn-primary'}

i get all the apartments from the DB. But now i want to add a link (belongs_to) to the house in at the apartment summary. how can i do this...thanks..remco

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Could you add the rake routes output? –  Rodrigo Oliveira Jan 23 '13 at 13:31
Er, are you asking how to create an HTML hyperlink to house, or how to associate the apartment with the house with a foreign key relationship? I think you mean the latter, but some of the answers and questions here are assuming the former. –  user24359 Jan 23 '13 at 13:59

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Did you try link_to 'House', house_path(apartment.house) ?

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You got all the apartments in the database. Now you run the sql to get the apartments object.
Then iterate each apartment and link it to house with the association.

This is done as follows:

def index
        @apartments = Appartment.all

    @apartments.each do |apartment|
       #this is giving you the link to house via association defined.

       #this is giving you the value of the field say `house_name` of house table that is linked to apartment.

         @house_name = apartment.house.house_name
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Try this:

<%= link_to 'House', house_path(apartment.house) %> 


<%= link_to 'House', house_url(apartment.house) %>


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works...thanks! –  Remco Jan 23 '13 at 15:51

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