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I need help with a page in html 5 for android and iphone. It should contain two links that are 5% on the bottom of the screen. I tried using CSS by placing a table or div with absolute position and bottom 5%. But the virtual keyboard this decoupled links above the virtual keyboard when it appears and disappears when the site returns. I tried not to use absolute position and place within the footer tag, and presents the same problem. If it was a native android project could use: android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustNothing", but I can not use it because it is a web project. I have many items up these links that should get the screen below:

margin-top: 20% img logo (80% width of screen)

margin-top: 10% input login

margin-top: 10% input pass

margin-top: 10% button

margin-top: 5% other link

blank area

area links botton in the page (botton and 5% of botton)

The logo image should have a width of 80% and let its height be set automatically to not distort. And all this must be equal for all iphone and android devices (tablets and smartphones) Help!

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@morpheus, seriously? Thats your advice? –  Jameo Jan 23 '13 at 13:50

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You might try: <img src="image.jpg" width="80%">. If you only specify the width, the height should be automatically set proportionally. That's the way it works in browsers, but i'm not sure how it will behave inside a phone app.

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@ morpheus kkk, yes this is the app for my company. It was past the specification and have to answer it. riverstorm I use the code for the image of the company logo, but my problem is in letting in any type of mobile device the 5% two links at the bottom of the screen and the virtual keyboard does not "push" them up when appear ... –  Victor Jan 24 '13 at 13:19

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