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I'm looking for an twitter sdk for windows phone 8. I already tried twitterrt. And it's working well for metro app but not for windows phone 8. I was looking for rewrite the sdk but there aren't WebAuthenticationBroker, CryptographicBuffer, etc in wp8.

So my question is : Is there an twitter sdk for windows phone 8 or should I rewrite the sdk ?

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TweetSharp is the most popular Twitter SDK on Windows Phone and seems to work just fine on WP8. Check out the project web site @

Here's how to install TweetSharp from NuGet:

Install-Package TweetSharp

Here's a simple WP8 hello world code sample:

TwitterService service = new TwitterService("<my app key>", "<my app secret>");
    (tweet, response) => Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => 
            MessageBox.Show(tweet.Text, tweet.Author.ScreenName, MessageBoxButton.OK)));

And when running this code snippet on the WP8 Emulator we can see the following:

WP8 Emulator showing TweetSharp hello world messagebox

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Thank you for this answer. Now I'm able to use your code. But, I can't log in using GetRequestToken(); (I got an unauthorized http status). – David Jan 24 '13 at 9:25

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