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Is there a way to add callouts in flot? I'm using flot to plot tank level as well as a calulated line showing an estimate for when the tank reaches empty. I want to add a callout pointing to the date when the tank will be empty. See the attached illustration. The callout should point towards the given date even when you zoom/pan in flot. I.e. the angle of the "callout-arrow" changes as you pan.

Illustration of callout

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You won't find this specific need in the flot API. If I were you, I'd just draw it myself on the canvas. Here's a quick example I threw together:

enter image description here

Drawing Code:

somePlot = $.plot($("#placeholder"), [ d1, d2, d3 ]);

canvas = somePlot.getCanvas();
context = canvas.getContext("2d");

var w = 100;
var h = 30;
var radius = 5;
var width = context.canvas.clientWidth;
var height = context.canvas.clientHeight;    

var x = (width - (width * .25));
var y = (height - (height * .3));
var r = x + w;
var b = y + h;
context.moveTo(x+radius, y);
context.lineTo(r-radius, y);
context.quadraticCurveTo(r, y, r, y+radius);
context.lineTo(r, y+h-radius);
context.lineTo(width, somePlot.getAxes().xaxis.box.top);
context.lineTo(x+radius, b);
context.quadraticCurveTo(x, b, x, b-radius);
context.lineTo(x, y+radius);
context.quadraticCurveTo(x, y, x+radius, y);

context.textAlign = "center";
context.textBaseline = "middle";
context.font = "bold 15px 'Times New Roman', Times, serif";
context.fillText("SomeText", x + w/2, y + h/2);
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Thank you. I'll try to refine your suggestion to meet my needs. –  Paaland Jan 23 '13 at 18:42

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