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I have once been requested by a SEO company to include the .html extension for the final pages (so to say "leaves"). They claimed this is better handled by Google than no-extension URLs.

So for example they would not object to URLs like


but they insisted on


(instead of: www.shop.com/products/category-1/product-1)

I could not find any resource to confirm this preference, but would like to hear insights from those in the know. Is there any difference in handling the

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Absolute rubbish. Makes no difference whatsoever. If they're insisting on file extensions as being a major ranking factor, they're charlatans and straight up wrong. The reason you can't find any resource for this is that there isn't any - when Google want you to design a certain way, they're not quiet about telling you, it's all over their Webmaster guidelines, and something as fundamental as file extensions would definitely be in there.

In addition, as mentioned in another answer, you should always design for the user, and clean URLs are much nicer.

In my completely subjective experience, I'd also add that a site with absolutely clean URLs throughout even performs ever so slightly better than one with file extensions.

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Good response, but be careful to avoid Ad Hominem attacks. They don't add anything of value to the conversation. –  Brenden Aug 13 at 17:38
Fair enough, but this field is so packed with with shysters that sometimes it helps the OP to be emphatic. –  Bob C Aug 15 at 12:03

Rule one for SEO: Build for the users, not for the robots.

Google is so clever now it goes far beyond little things like this, and Google's own advice is forget them - concentrate on the user. (Sorry I can't remember where I saw that or I would reference it.)

So my answer is: Keep it as it is (no extension):


That way it is much more user friendly, and much more visually appealing when shared than

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This is the most accurate and concise answer. The real heart of the issue is that SE's don't care and simple URLs are more usable (not that humans really use URLs manually). –  Brenden Aug 13 at 17:40

No. The file extension has no effect on your rankings. So having it is no better or worse then not having it.

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