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I need a regex to extract a danish phone number from a string. I got this

var phrase = "Text text text 11 22 33 44 text text.";
phrase = phrase.replace(/^((\(?\+45\)?)?)(\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2})$/, "replace phone number");

I found this link, but it does not work: http://www.dbsoftlab.com/etl-tools/regular-expressions/is-danish-phone-number.html

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Good to see a former Sunderland goalkeeper delving into the world of web development. – rrrr Jan 23 '13 at 16:23
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In the expression you are trying to use, it will only match if the phone number is the only thing in the string, because ^ matches the beginning of the string and $ matches the end.

I believe that this is a much simpler regex that will work:

/([0-9]{2} ){3}[0-9]{2}/

So, you could say textStr.replace(/([0-9]{2} ){3}[0-9]{2}/g,'new string').

Check it here: http://refiddle.com/gk8

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This seems to work as expected. Thanks :) – Tommy Sørensen Jan 23 '13 at 14:21

The problem is ^ and $, which match the beginning and end of a string, respectively. Since the number is in the middle of the string, they don't match. Remove them, and it works:

> var phrase = "Text text text 11 22 33 44 text text.";
> phrase = phrase.replace(/((\(?\+45\)?)?)(\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2}\s?\d{2})/, " replace phone number");
'Text text text replace phone number text text.'
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I would go with:


This maintains the optional country code that the prior regex has. I'm using non-capturing groups here for efficiency.


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