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I'm using docx4j library to generate a docx file. I need to put couple of other elements inside the w:ffData tag, eventually creating a structure like this:

  <w:name w:val="Some value"/>
  <w:calcOnExit w:val="0"/>
    <w:default w:val="0"/>

I can successfully create the w:ffData element using

CTFFData  ffData =  factory.createCTFFData();

Now, being a total docx4j newbie I'd expect a getContent method as is for example available for the R class (produces w:r elements).

Having no such a method at my disposal, I'm looking for other approaches to this problem. Thank you.

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*Disclosure: I'm docx4j project lead *

A getContent method is a reasonable expectation, but for CTFFData, there is just the inelegantly named but otherwise equivalent:

public List<JAXBElement<?>> getNameOrEnabledOrCalcOnExit()
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Thanks! Works like a charm. – geca Jan 24 '13 at 7:35

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