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Example: I added new Marketing spot on some JSP page. I need to change JSP and create this spot in management center. Changes in JSP are shared through CVS, but what about Marketing Spot? It is stored somewhere in database, but I could not find solution to export this content properly neither with WCBD tool nor manually. What would you do in this case?


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You have three options:

  1. Manually re-create the requisite spot configuration in the other database.
  2. Use a shared database for the development team. It is not as bad as it sounds, I have had my team use it in the past.
  3. Use the export/import functionality. This is not recommended as the time you will spend trying to analyze all tables and dependencies may not be worth it.
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Are you trying to share across development instances? A shared dev instance is a good option as mentioned above. Also taking advantage of stageprop and staging copy could be a good answer. A quick trip to infocenter shows:

If you use the merchant table option it will copy changes to a store. Using this utility may require turning on stage logging in the staglog table.

More on that here:

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