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I am working on a rails 3.2 application that has a lot of static, deeply nested pages. The architecture is as follows:

menu structure

So far, I have an information controller with these four methods:

  • about_the_liver
  • therapies
  • nutrition
  • liver_diseases

with the following routes:

get "information/therapies"
get "information/nutrition"
get "information/liver_diseases"
get "information/about_the_liver"

Here are my questions:

  • First of all, these routes, as generated by the rails generator, look clumsy. Is there any way to dry them out and group them together? E.g., so that the "information/" part is not repeated so often?

I have come up with this, but I am not sure whether this is the best approach:

[ :therapies, :nutrition, :liver_diseases, :about_the_liver ].each do |method|
  get "information/#{method}"
  • I will need views for every single menu entry that you can see in the rightmost menu. My approach is to change liver_diseases to being a separate controller and have 8 different views - but that can't be dry. Is there a "rails way" to this?
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Couldn't you simply put your static pages in /public and have them served directly from there? If there's no rails content this would be the quickest and most efficient approach.

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