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Can anyone tell em how can call a function with parameters on a dialog and call that same function from somwhere else also.

function  showEditDialog(TagDivId, id, type, bFlag)

{ try { stickyinfo = new Array(); jQuery('#'+TagDivId).dialog({

    autoOpen: false,
    height : 535,
    modal: true,

    buttons: {
        Cancel: function() {
        'OK': function showEditDialogOkFunc(id) {
            //Register Collaboba Tag with the Server.
			var color = jQuery('#' + id).css('background-color');
			var tagid = document.getElementById(id);
			if(tagid != null)
                GetTagInformation(id, stickyinfo); 
				return false;


Is it ok the way i m calling showEditDialogOkFunc(id) and can i call this function from anywhere else.Since it's a dialog function will it get all the properies of the dialog defined above the ok function.And if i call the OK function from anuwhere else will it get all the properties of the dialog o not. Thanks

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try this example:

function showEditDialogOkFunc(opcions)
    alert( + " " + opcions.stickyinfo);

function  showEditDialog(TagDivId, id, type, bFlag) {

  var options = {
     stickyinfo: new Array()
  var pthis = this;

  'OK': function () {, options) }

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