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I've started to develop a MDM service for iOS devices. So far I have the enrollment working. And I can send some simple commands (Such as DeviceLock, UnlockDevice, DeviceInformation). That works fine.

But now I want to install profiles (I guess). I want to set WIFI, APN, et cetera settings.

I've gotten some idea how the mobileconfig plist should look like from the iPhone configuration Utility.

But I haven't found any site with documentation for all the settings.

For one example, how do I set the MMS-APN and the tethering APN?

And also, with the MDM settings command, I can turn on and off DataRoaming, but I can't find any other keys that I can play with. Some suggestions?

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Generally speaking, there are several key documents:

Configuration profile reference

MDM documentation

I believe they describe all publicly available options.

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Thanks. Those two helps. But there are still only 2 Settings documented in the MDM documentation. Shouldn't there be more settings than dataroaming and voiceroaming? – brange Jan 24 '13 at 9:20
As far as public documentation goes, these are only 2 allowed settings. I believe there are some undocumented settings. You can try to look in private ManagedConfiguration framework for them. – Victor Ronin Jan 24 '13 at 15:15

The details description about Configuration profiles are is available under this link.

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