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I tought its appropriate to post this here other than wordpress as my error is more related to php .

I am using addthissocial sign in plugin for social login for my website users .But when i try to embade the login buttons using the shortcut code given by the author of the plugin its not working and I cat see any login buttons .

when I try to debug using wp-debug and I got the following error

Notice: Undefined index: addthis_signature in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/addthis-social-sign-in/addthis_social_sign_in.php on line 130

this is line 130 if( $_REQUEST[ 'addthis_signature' ] != "" )

How can I solve this?

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This is not an error, it is just a notice. You can solve it by adding a check like this:

if(isset($_REQUEST[ 'addthis_signature' ]) && $_REQUEST[ 'addthis_signature' ] != "" )
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this is what the autor stated inside the plugin copy and paste the tag <?php addthis_ssi();?> into your templates. Wherever you add them, a login button will appear. But the login buttons are not appearing can you please help me. –  Prakash Moturu Jan 23 '13 at 15:00
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