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I'm returning to a lot of Bash scripting at my work, and I'm rusty.

Is there a way to return a local value string from a function without making it global or using echo? I want the function to be able to interact with the user via screen, but also pass a return value to a variable without something like export return_value="return string". The printf command seems to respond exactly like echo.

For example:

function myfunc() {
    [somecommand] "This appears only on the screen"
    echo "Return string"

# return_value=$(myfunc)
This appears only on the screen

# echo $return_value
Return string
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You can find the answer here. –  Floris Jan 23 '13 at 15:22
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No. Bash doesn't return anything other than a numeric exit status from a function. Your choices are:

  1. Set a non-local variable inside the function.
  2. Use echo, printf, or similar to provide output. That output can then be assigned outside the function using command substitution.
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how can you echo strings without it being passed as part of the result? –  qodeninja Feb 24 at 21:55
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