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I'm trying to create a query that will carry data forward to null rows. This is a fairly simple query with analytic functions LAG and LEAD

The query works when there is no partition by window and only one security_id. But, when I add that partition by and a second security_id, the last_value function fails. The bold rows do not appear.

Any ideas?


enter image description here

select t.*
,last_value(weight_pct ignore nulls) over
    (partition by security_id order by n desc) value1 from (         
, n
 from (       
select to_date(first_date, 'yyyymmdd') -
                      to_date(datekey, 'yyyymmdd') day
                from ((select FIRST_VALUE(datekey) OVER(ORDER BY datekey desc ROWS BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING AND UNBOUNDED FOLLOWING) as first_date,
                         from foo d
                        where security_id in (7,658900)
                          and portfolio_id = 2))) d
        right outer join (select level as n
                          from dual
                          connect by level <= 95) l
          on d.days = l.n) t
        order by n, security_id, datekey desc 
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1 Answer

Because you have set an IGNORE NULLS On line 2?

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