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In the following UI, you can select person from address book. Notice that name is clickable and launches address book upon click.

enter image description here

In my application, I am able to choose contact from address book and extract the full name but when I add it to UITextField, it just shows as name, its not clickable as follows:

enter image description here

Q. How can I make the name in my app clickable and it would take me to address book upon click.

I am using wrapper classes to interact with address book and here is my code.

- (BOOL)peoplePickerNavigationController:
(ABPeoplePickerNavigationController *)peoplePicker
    // Guaranteed to only be working with e-mail or phone here
    [self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES];

    NSArray *array =
    [ABContact arrayForProperty:property inRecord:person];
    NSString *pickedValue = (NSString *)[array objectAtIndex:identifier];

    NSString *firstName = [[ABContact contactWithRecord:person] firstname];
    NSString *lastName = [[ABContact contactWithRecord:person] lastname];
    NSString *fullName = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"%@ %@",firstName, lastName];

    if (chooseEmail)
        txtToEmailAddress.text = fullName;
    if (choosePhone)
        txtCallPhoneNum.text = fullName;

    if (chooseText)
        txtTextNumbers.text = fullName;


    return NO;


Please provide code sample with answers if possible. I very much appreciate it. Thanks

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There's a few open source ideas you can take a look at that may help. https://github.com/beat843796/HEBubbleView


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