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Using Store Manager for Magento & IceCat Add-on, We have successfully imported product data.

Success - Store Manager has imported the following

• Product Name

• Short Description

• Long Description

• Specifications


• Product name doesn’t match IceCat

• Specifications display directly under full description.

• Cannot add additional tabs of info matching IceCat (Specs, Alternatives, Options, Offers)

What we need

We need to know how to import all this data into customised locations in Magento (into Magento product view tabs). We also need a list of attributes used in IceCat for Magento. They’re not all exactly that same as written on the IceCat product view.

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For those who are facing the same question, here is the article that explains how to add specifications as part of description or as separate attributes using Store Manager for Magento -

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i don't know anything about magento, but this looks like a good answer. welcome to stackoverflow! – Corley Brigman Oct 11 '13 at 15:10

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