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I am working on an application that uses Django and MongoDB (as a model). I am trying to initialize (by hand) a model object (in order to send it further to another server), using the data got from a form. The model looks like this:

class MyModel(DynamicDocument):
    study_name = StringField(default="first study")
    individual_name = StringField(default="individual")
    file_list = ListField(StringField)   # this is a list of paths to some files

In the form I am doing the following:

pilot_object = MyModel()
pilot_object.individual_name = self.data['individual_name']
pilot_object.study_name = self.data['study_name']
pilot_object.file_list = files_list #file paths (strings)

where self.data is the data received from the form. Now I want to serialize to JSON this object (pilot_object) as described in the documentation:

data_serialized = serializers.serialize('json', [pilot_object, ])

but I get this error:

'MetaDict' object has no attribute 'concrete_model'

and the serialization fails.

Can anyone help?

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I have the same problem, and found out that it's because I'm using MongoEngine which have different QuerySet objects. Documentation here:docs.mongoengine.org/en/latest/… –  arthur.sw Feb 17 at 19:00

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This is due to you're using an older version of django. Check the difference between 1.3 and 1.4, concrete_model is only available for 1.4 and higher.

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I am using Django 1.6b4 (Latest Beta currently available) and have run into the same problem. Any suggestions? –  Kurtis Sep 20 '13 at 15:51
I'm using 1.5.5 and still have this error. –  crizzwald Nov 9 '13 at 23:20

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