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Is the purpose to place web components under the web folder somewhere, or under the lib folder?

I'm asking because I'm unsure and it's not mentioned as far as I can tell.

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Put your components under the lib directory.


Let's say you configure your pubspec.yaml file and name your package 'my_controls'.

name: my_controls
  html5lib: '>=0.3.1+2'
  web_ui: '>=0.3.2'

Since your project now defines a package, you can reference files in your lib directory as:

<link rel="components" href="packages/my_controls/control1.html">
<link rel="components" href="packages/my_controls/control2.html">
<link rel="components" href="packages/my_controls/control3.html">
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You can point to components:

<link rel="components" href="component/ui/login.html">

in which case your components are in web/component/ and in web/component/ui/ you have the login.html file

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