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Although Make is working fine but by default it only compiling those files that have been changed, even when I run make all. It say like Nothing to Do.

One scenario where I neeed to compile all the files is when I change something in a header file which is being accessed in multiple .c files. But make does not recognize it until I open any .c file any save & quit again.

Makefile contents can be seen in this post :

Questions about Makefile - what is "$+" & where are .c files/dependencies called here ?

Although this is also a problem but actual problem I want to discuss here is something different.

In order to compile all files what I did was that I ran make clean which indeed removed all object files and then I ran make again but this time it gives an error :-

 mec/gen_crc32table > mec/crc32table.h
 mec/gen_crc32table: 1: mec/gen_crc32table: Syntax error: end of file unexpected    
 (expecting ")")
 make: *** [mec/crc32table.h] Error 2

I checked contents of crc32table.h but file is empty. So, I copy crc32table.h from my backup of previous code and now its running successfully. Now I run make clean and 'make' again to check it but this time it is working fine.

I do not know what the mystery here ?

I guess these lines are doing something which I am not able to understand ? Please help me on this.

crc32.o: mec/crc32table.h mec/crc32.c
$(CC) -o $@ -c -I. $(CFLAGS) mec/crc32.c

mec/crc32table.h: mec/gen_crc32table
mec/gen_crc32table > mec/crc32table.h 
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Automatic dependency handling (e.g. knowing that foo.o must be rebuilt when bar.h has been changed) is an advanced topic; you should learn the basics better before you attempt it. As for the second problem, there is something wrong with mec/gen_crc32table; show us what it is, and maybe we can help. – Beta Jan 23 '13 at 16:57
@Beta mec/gen_crc32table seems like an object file by looking at the contents. There is one more file mec/gen_crc32table.c. May be it have been generated by compiling it,I can only gave this much info based on my understanding as I am not the actual owner, I am just modifying the code for my purpose but my actual doubt is what this > doing ? Tranfering contents of an object file to an header file. It makes no sense for me. – Udit Gupta Jan 23 '13 at 18:00
The rule tries to execute gen_crc32table and store the output in the file crc32table.h. If you don't understand these tools and can't consult the author, you shouldn't be using them. This is not something we can fix. – Beta Jan 23 '13 at 18:13
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The issue is this snippet:

mec/crc32table.h: mec/gen_crc32table
    mec/gen_crc32table > mec/crc32table.h 

Ask yourself "What happens if the gen_crc32table command exits with an error?" Make stops (good) but leaves behind a corrupt crc32table.h (bad). Two choices: (i) re-write gen_crc32table so that it accepts a -o parameter; (ii) shell trickery.


mec/crc32table.h: mec/gen_crc32table
    mec/gen_crc32table -o mec/crc32table.h 


mec/crc32table.h: mec/gen_crc32table
    mec/gen_crc32table >temp-file-with-an-obscure-name
    mv temp-file-with-an-obscure-name $@

The mv will not happen if gen_crc32table errors.

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