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If you attempt to set a sequence number like this:

SELECT setval('table_ID_seq', (SELECT max("ID") + 1 FROM table));

You might encounter the following error:

ERROR:  relation "table_ID_seq" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT setval('table_ID_seq', (SELECT max("ID") + 1 FROM t...

********** Error **********

ERROR: relation "table_id_seq" does not exist
SQL Status:42P01
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The problem is that PostgreSQL will normalize identifier names unless they are put in double quotes.

However, this will not work:

SELECT setval("table_ID_seq", (SELECT max("ID") + 1 FROM table));

Instead, you will have to put single-quotes around the double-quoted text:

SELECT setval('"table_ID_seq"', (SELECT max("ID") + 1 FROM table));
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Though this is definitely in the docs, that probably can't be more unobvious. Thanks! – Ian Bytchek Nov 7 '14 at 12:24
Go home, Postgres, you're drunk :) – Richard Marr Sep 29 at 9:28

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