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Have alphanumeric in an nvarchar

Want to search for only -0-9 (-0123456789)

select top 1000 id, word
from FTSwordDef with (nolock) 
where word like '[-0-9]%'

Will return -0-9 in the first position.

Want to apply -0-9 to all positions

So -123c would fail as c is not -0-9

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WHERE word NOT LIKE '%[^0-9-]%';

You can also say:

WHERE PATINDEX('%[^0-9-]%', word) = 0;
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do you have the option to install a regex UDF? If so you can do this by regular expression

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RegEx is probably overkill for this purpose. – Aaron Bertrand Jan 23 '13 at 16:17

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