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I'm using xcode 4.5 and cordova/phonegap to build my apps. I have invested a lot of time into getting the build settings just right for my xcode project and I would like to reuse these settings on multiple apps I am building. I'm looking to see if there is a fast way to export these settings or build a template that I can use for future projects.

I've tried copying the project folder and changing the name and that does not work. I get an error when working with the cordovalib.xcodeproj file.

Any help on exporting these settings or creating a template would be appreciated.

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Use an .xcconfig file.

File.. New File.. Then choose the Configuration Settings File from the Other section.

You will have to copy the build settings from your xcodeproj file. Open your xcodeproj file in a text editor and copy:

buildSettings = { ... }

Into your xcconfig file. Be aware that the xcconfig file has a specific format. The above video / Apple documentation should help you.

You will then need to tell Xcode which xcconfig file to use for each build configuration.. Debug, Release, etc. You can do this by importing it under your Project's Info tab, under Configurations.

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