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Im Trying show an image from web (external) with handlebar template

in my arq.handlebars I have this:

< img src="" data-rel="external"/ >

I also tried so:

< a class="imagem" style="background-image: url(;" data-rel="external" />

But it is not working. what appears is me: [?] (an icon like this)

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Where did this path come from? Unless you're running something on your phone on Port 3000 this isn't going to work. The correct path in Cordova file:///android_asset/www/ assuming that you put your code in the assets/www directory of your project.

Either that or find out where the actual image is coming from and replace the path with the address of that server.

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Oh, yes. I have a server running in port 3000... I was so simulating a web link. but it can also be something like: < img src=" images.wikia.com/wikia/pt-br/images/5/5c/Lupa.gif"; data-rel="external"/ > –  FabricioRaphael Jan 23 '13 at 16:40
But is the server running on the phone, or on your dev box? –  Joe B Jan 23 '13 at 16:46
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