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I have a like box in our car club website, it works perfectly in all other browsers I have tested with the exception of IE 9 (perhaps some older versions of IE as well). The link to the page with this issue is:

I used Adobe Muse to create the site, I can refresh the page and the stream will work. All other parts of the like box works. I have google groups HTML frame on the same page, but would not expect to be the issue. I can refresh the frame in IE and get it to show the stream as well.

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Well apparently all I have to do is post a question here and the issue resolved itself. Scary... I have had this issue for the past two weeks, have tried all sorts of things and just decided to post here for addional ideas, I noticed late yesterday after posting this that it was working properly now in IE. I did nothing, didn't even upload any updates to the site, it just starting working. I have checked it multiple times using multiple PCs running IE and it just works now. Oh well! :) – Chris Graham Jan 24 '13 at 15:37

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