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I am using the nodejs serialport module ( and I am having issues when I write to the serial port.

If I simply write to the port as shown below, the serial device never gets the command.

var serialport = require("serialport");
var sp = new serialport.SerialPort(serialPortPath);

However, if I use a setTimeout as shown below, then it seems to work?

var serialport = require("serialport");
var sp = new serialport.SerialPort(serialPortPath);

FYI, the "serialPortPath" is set elsewhere in the code.

I am not sure what is going on... any ideas?

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I think I got it figured out from the github ( page... basically it looks like I was missing the "open" event as shown below:

serialPort.on("open", function () {
  serialPort.on("data", function(data) {
    console.log("data received: " + data);
  serialPort.write("SYST:ADDR?\n", function(err, results) {
    console.log("err: " + err);
    console.log("results: " + results);
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