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I am working at a WordPress plugin, where I want do add a link in the admin area with the filter comment_row_actions. A picture for understanding:


The picture shows the user area, but it's equal to the comment area, where I want to add a link.

With the filter "comment_row_actions" its no problem doing that and now I have a link like


Bold is the only change i made: a new parameter in the URL.

Until here is all fine. But now I want to handle the new parameter. Therefore I user the action hook "trashed_comment". In the associated function, I check for $_GET['the_reason'], but it doesn't exist. So I dont know, how to react to the call...

Of course I could create an individual admin-page, where to handle the_reason, but that's the way I want to avoid...

Has someone any idea, how to get the information about the content of "the_reason"-Parameter?


No Errors. Code to the "trashed_comment"-hook:

add_action('trashed_comment', 'notify_user_deleted_comment');
function notify_user_deleted_comment($comment_id)
  var_dump($_POST); // some values, but not those parameters from the URL
  var_dump($_GET); // empty

I think the problem is, that the link generates a Ajax-request and my new parameter in the URL will be ignored. But I dont know, how to get the parameter to the Ajax request...

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Are you getting an error? Can you show the code you are using? –  Jrod Jan 23 '13 at 17:16
Why are you showing a non-correspondent snapshot? How does your comment_row_actions filter looks like? What's the final goal? Because, depending on the answer to this last question, maybe you need a different approach, e.g, creating you own Ajax "delete comment" action. –  brasofilo Jan 23 '13 at 23:14
I ONLY change the url with comment_row_actions to generate this URL: domain/wp/wp-admin/… --> thats all. with the trashed_comment action i try to catch the url and do someting with the get-paramenter "the_reason". but this get-parameter doesnt exist (!isset). Problem: between generating the link and clicking it and calling the trashed_comment-hook is a blackbox.... –  user1711384 Jan 23 '13 at 23:37
my final goal is notify the author of this comment, why it was deleted. and the reason for deleting is added with comment_row_actions to the "trash-link", which contains my "the-reason"-parameter –  user1711384 Jan 23 '13 at 23:43

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