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After my handshake is complete I call getPeerCertificates() on handshake (socket.getHandshakeSession()) I am using setNeedClientAuth(true) on the server socket so I know it must be getting the clients cert.

What could be going wrong? SSLPeerUnverifiedException is not thrown

ssf = (SSLServerSocketFactory)SSLServerSocketFactory.getDefault();  
serverSocket = (SSLServerSocket)ssf.createServerSocket(PORT);  
//added to after accept list and picked up by a worker thread.
SSLSocket socket = (SSLSocket) serverSocket.accept();

//worker thread.
SSLSession handshake = socket.getHandshakeSession();
Certificate[] certificates = handshake.getPeerCertificates(); // NULL
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When you call socket.getHandshakeSession(), you haven't started the handshake yet, and you certainly haven't reached the point where the client certificate is exchanged. Although calling getSession() is one way to start the handshake (see introduction of the SSLSocket documentation, no such thing happens with getHandshakeSession() (as the documentation says: "Unlike getSession(), this method does not initiate the initial handshake and does not block until handshaking is complete.").

In most cases, you'll want to get the client certificate once the handshake has completed anyway. Calling socket.getSession() instead of socket.getHandshakeSession() (an addition in Java 7) is likely to solve your problem.

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Thanks. I wrongly assumed that accept() would start the handshake. –  Andrew Jan 24 '13 at 1:12

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