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This is a new ASP.NET web application using 2010 Now I need to change the direction of the whole site to right to left so that the login view is aligned to the left and title to the right

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See CSS attribute direction.

The way I achieved this with my project was by using the LESS CSS compiler. I created two variables: one called PrimarySide and one called SecondarySide. In LTR languages those variables were left and right respectively; in RTL it was right and left respectively.

Then anywhere I was setting margin, padding, border, or float, or clear, which are things that I might set left and right styles for, I would use the @PrimarySide variable instead. For example: float: @PrimarySide instead of float: left

This let me swap out a few variables and compile new versions of my CSS without having to go through and change every location I was doing something with the left or right side.

If this isn't an option for you, then look for the above CSS styles I mentioned and make a RTL version of your CSS that effectively swaps all of their left and right values, set direction: rtl, and you're done!

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I think this may help you - It help you konow how to use resources in .net.

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