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It strikes me that there is both some overlap and conflict between Prism's EventAggregator and Rx Framework, in that both are about subscribing to event streams. Rx obviously provides much more fine grained control, whilst the EventAggregator provides a loosely coupled, application wide, pub-sub infrastructure.

So my question is this, how can we effectively utilise both technologies together in the same application? Am I confusing their roles, or is there a distinction somewhere that I have missed? Does anyone have any experience of doing exactly this?

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Here's an Rx friendly version of the same concepts as EventAggregator:


Am I confusing their roles, or is there a distinction somewhere that I have missed?

Message Bus-type things are just one of the many ways you can use Rx in an application, the MVVM Framework I wrote called ReactiveUI has many more ideas.

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Not a bad implementation - one quibble, it's not a "drop-in" replacement for Prism's EventAggregator (i.e., needs wrapping) –  JerKimball Jan 23 '13 at 17:43

Here's a link to an Rx-based implementation of EventAggregator; like @paul-betts version in ReactiveUI, it's not a "drop-in" replacement, but also like his, it's easily wrapped.

José F. Romaniello - Event Aggregator with Reactive Extensions

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