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Is it possible to pass MSBuild some command line properties:

msbuild.exe /p:Configuration=Release;labDeploy=false;prodDeploy=true

Then somehow iterate through the key/value pairs passed in via the properties arg.

If so, how?

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You don't say what you want to use them for, but if you're trying to use them for execution control, look at MSBuild Conditions. For example, my company's "product" at this point, fully implemented, consists of a traditional client-server app, a web-based reporting app, and a newer Silverlight implementation of some of the client-server application.

In my master MSBuild project file, I have separate targets for each application, Whether or not they run is controlled by a Condition check of a few command-line parameters.

  <!-- run the builds for the selected build types -->
  <Target Name="RunBuild" DependsOnTargets="ValidateBuildSelected">
    <CallTarget Targets="BuildWindowsClientApp" Condition="'$(BuildWindowsClientApp)'=='TRUE'" />
    <CallTarget Targets="BuildWebReportingApp" Condition="'$(BuildWebReportingApp)'=='TRUE'" />
    <CallTarget Targets="BuildWebClientApp" Condition="'$(BuildWebClientApp)'=='TRUE'" />

I can run one or all of the options based on how I set the parameter string up.

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