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I have a gps receiver, which can send data (using gprs connection) to the server www.example.com.

Now I need something to receive this data (gps nmea string) from www.example.com (probably, to listen to certain port..), parse this information and store it to my database.

I have some knowledge of php and mysql. So, the questions are - Is it possible to be accomplished with php and mysql? If yes, could you please point me to from what I should start? If no, could you please give me some other suggestions?

Thank you very much!

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The www in front suggests http. That would mean you would have to run your own webserver. But you probably have to investigate a little how your receiver is going to POST that data. And then, yes you could run some PHP to receive that data.

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Look on sourceforge. There are several NMEA prrojects there. Most are NMEA 183 but there are a couple of NMEA 2000 projects also.

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