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I'm making Alarm clock app for an iPhone. Can anyone tell me if there any way to start some installed app within calendar event when it is invoked programmatically? I want to set an alarm (event in iPhone calendar) from my app and when time comes my event occurs and should start my app. Well something like that.

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Short answer, no. You cannot hijack the Calendar app's notifications.

You can however use Local Notifications to present an alert like the calendar app does at a specific time, the user can then choose to view the alert and be taken to your app.

Another option, albeit kludgy, is adding a link to your application in the calendar entry's notes or some other field. Something like myapp://event/123456, the user would have to know to touch this URI to open your app though.

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thanks for the answer. will try 2nd method. –  user1025569 Jan 24 '13 at 8:54

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