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<a href="/app1/data/r.doc">  foo    </a>
<a href="/app2/data/r.doc">  boo    </a>
<a href="/app3/data/r.doc">  loo    </a>
<a href="/app3/data/r.doc">  goo    </a>

From the below html part,I have to find out 3rd last text of the ... Now to access that I wrote the below code(used selenium-webdriver):

all_links=driver.find_elements :tag_name, "a"

all_links.each do|link|

puts link.attribute("href")
puts link.text()


So now how to get the 3rd last value boo using selenium-webdriver? I am telling 3rd last as above foo there can be 100 more.

Any advice please?

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You can get the third-last element of any array with a negative index:

array = [:foo, :bar, :baz, :qux]
array[-3] # => :bar

So in your case

all_links = driver.find_elements(:tag_name, "a")
all_links[-3].text.strip # => "boo"

Note that you can use the text method rather than attribute("text")

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Wooooooooooowwwwww !! perfect +1 to you and accepted!` –  DoLoveSky Jan 23 '13 at 22:49

I found one solution as below:

all_links=driver.find_elements :tag_name, "a"

@linkscollection =

all_links.each do|link|

text = link.attribute("text").strip
href = link.attribute("href").strip


#puts @linkscollection.length
print @linkscollection.keys[1] #=>boo
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