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Relating to a previous question I asked, I am building a Windows 8 c++ App that requires me to connect to a Node.js server running socket.io.

Does socket.io use any sort of special protocol on top of websockets? When I just do a dry connection, I get an error "HTTP Invalid Response."

I see a number of c++ websocket implementations, but I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to translate those concepts into the Windows 8 websocket implementation.

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Check this implementation for windows store apps, it's a port to WinRT (C#) of the .Net client of socket.io.


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I have long since stopped working on this project, but your response looks like a good resource for other people to use. –  OzBarry Jan 8 at 17:52
Yeah, I noticed your question was posted about a year ago, this was mostly for future reference (my own as well, as I stumbled upon the same issue:)). –  João Nogueira Jan 15 at 15:03

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