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I 'm using multi-database, and I try:

        cursor = connection.cursor().using(profile.dbname)
        cursor.execute('select id_retorno from prc_sequenciadora(' + str(profile.idempresa) + ', "VENDA_PEDIDO", "IDVENDA_PEDIDO", 0, 0)')# calls PROCEDURE named LOG_MESSAGE which resides in MY_UTIL Package

But this error appears:

AttributeError at /comerx/pedidos/novo/ 'Cursor' object has no attribute 'using'

Here is traceback:

Thanks for all

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First, you should import django.db.connections - which is a dictionary-like object that allows you to retrieve a specific database connection by its alias. Then you should use its appropriate cursor. I believe there is no "using" method for the Cursor object (that is what the error message says).

So, we have:

from django.db import connections
my_db_alias = profile.dbname #in your situation
cursor = connections[my_db_alias].cursor()
# Your code goes here...

For more information:

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Thanks, works fine! – fh_bash Jan 25 '13 at 10:56

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