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In a larger project, have a form which uploads 2 files. I am using codeigniter as the framework. After the form upload it should send these 2 files as an email.

In order to attach it to an email, we should have a local copy of the file. Hence I move the files to a temporary folder and use the naming convention of [session-id]_my_file_1 and [session-id]_my_file_2

Finally after sending out the email I try to delete the these temporary files. But unlink is not deleting these files. I donot know the reason for this.

My guess is: It may be still being used by the mail command to upload/send. Below are the code outline I have written.

            $config['upload_path']      = './tmp_holder/';
        $config['allowed_types']    = 'doc|docx|pdf|rtf';
        $config['max_size']         = '10240';
        $config['file_name']        = $this->session->userdata('session_id').'_1';
        $config['overwrite']        = TRUE;

        $config2['upload_path']     = './tmp_holder/';
        $config2['allowed_types']   = 'doc|docx|pdf|rtf';
        $config2['max_size']        = '10240';
        $config2['file_name']       = $this->session->userdata('session_id').'_2';
        $config2['overwrite']       = TRUE;


        if ($this->form_validation->run() == FALSE)

            if($this->upload->do_upload('cvFile') === FALSE) {
            else {
                $file1Return = $this->upload->data();

                if($this->upload->do_upload('researchFile') === FALSE) {
                else {
                    //process data here
                    $file2Return = $this->upload->data();



                    $this->email->from($this->config->item('email_from'), $this->input->post('tname').' '.$this->input->post('fname').' '.$this->input->post('lname'));



                    if( $this->email->send() == false ) {
                        echo $this->email->print_debugger(); exit;



The Solution I did was to delete the files in the temp folder before I do this so that previous files are cleared. But this is not a clean approach right? This is because:

  1. It may be trying deleting other files currently being used by other parallel instances
  2. I want the tmp folder to be empty after I send itself.
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Its better to use file_helper which is in code igniter.


here is documentation for this

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"Deletes ALL files contained in the supplied path" It doesnt answer my specific problem. And this is the solution I mentioned which has the problem 1 mentioned. –  footy Jan 24 '13 at 5:56
if you put there file path it will delete only the file not whole folder. So you have to call it twice with each file name. –  Jakub Riedl Jan 24 '13 at 14:44
same problem persists –  footy Jan 30 '13 at 18:51

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