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Hi, I'm new to the Zend Framework 1 (I know there's a version 2 but we need to work with version 1 for this project) so don't know if this is a stupid question or not. Besides that I found it quite hard to find good documentation about registering and login-in I managed to have a system with ACL and Auth that works okay-ish atm.

I'm just wondering about my ACL if I'm doing things right. This is what my class looks like now:

class bckstg_Acl extends Zend_Acl { public function __construct() {

    $this->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('guest'));
    $this->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('user'), 'guest');
    $this->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('admin'), 'user');

    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('error::error'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('auth::login'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('auth::register'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('auth::logout'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('data::render'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('index::index'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('admin::index'));
    $this->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('auth::noauth'));

    //$this->allow('guest', 'error', 'error');
    $this->allow('guest', 'auth::noauth');
    $this->allow('guest', 'auth::login');
    $this->allow('guest', 'data::render');
    $this->allow('guest', 'index::index');
    $this->allow('guest', 'auth::register');
    $this->allow('user', 'auth::logout');
    $this->allow('admin', 'admin::index');
} }


I noticed if I don't add a new controller to resources none of the 3 user types (guests, user or admin) can see the page. But I was wondering if there's a way to say that all users can see everything in general? Because basically I only need to deny the guests the 'like' system of my app and users and guests the admin panel, besides of that they can see all pages.

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You can initialize your ACL if you detect particular controller(s) or module(s)

My way for that is to ask in front controller plugin if I need to setup ACL, so:

// Register ACL plugin if is admin module
if($request->getModuleName() == 'admin'){
    $auth    = Zend_Auth::getInstance();
    $acl     = new My_Acl_Acl();
    $front   = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
    $front->registerPlugin(new My_Plugin_AclControl($auth, $acl));

For rest web site(default module) ACL is never asked for permission, only for admin module.

You have a lot of literature on the Internet, but this blog has helped me a lot in the beginning

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Thanks, I'll try this one out later. Didn't knew you could do it this way! Thanx for the literature as well, seen some interesting things on it already! – YP_be Jan 23 '13 at 21:55
This works brilliant btw! If someone ever needed this: I used getControllerName to point to the controller. Thanks again! – YP_be Jan 24 '13 at 2:08
I advise you to turn on auto-complete for ZF, IDE like NetBeans have that option. – tasmaniski Jan 24 '13 at 8:59

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