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I have a very simple .travis.yml configuration file in a branch named '3.0':

language: php

 - 5.3
 - 5.4

   - 3.0

 - composer install --dev

for a Silex project with PHPUnit tests and Composer. This commit to branch 3.0 triggered this build in Travis CI that ignores the configuration file and is trying to build the master branch instead, that doesn't have a .travis.yml file, thus failing the build because it tries to run it as a Ruby on Rails project.

Why is Travis CI ignoring my .travis.yml configuration file?

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I have a similar problem: Travis CI ignores changes to my master branch if I only change .travis.yml (which is on the master branch...). I had to push a fake commit to trigger a new build with new .travis.yml contents... ( – MarcoS Apr 9 '14 at 15:02

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From the docs of Travis:

Please note that currently (for historical reasons), .travis.yml needs to be present on all active branches of your project.

So this means, you actually have to have a .travis.yml on your master branch, even if you don't use it there.

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You can now go into the repository settings and toggle the setting to only build commits with a .travis.yml file, which means that any branches without a .travis.yml file will be ignored.

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