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Is there a way to set a custom DPI/PPI when creating an image using the HTML5 canvas? I know how can I draw on the canvas and export it as an image, but how can I make sure the output image is of certain DPI/PPI. I guess using SVG elemnts to draw on the canvas is a way, but wouldn't that be flattened out when I export the whole canvas as an image? Or calculating the device DPI and then scaling the image to meet my DPI requirement, but that doesn't seem like the correct solution.

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You cannot (ugh) access the DPI of a display of the current web page in any browser:

Detecting the system DPI/PPI from JS/CSS?

For printing: You most likely cannot set the DPI of exported <canvas> image (PNG, JPEG) using browser standard functions. However, if you use a pure Javascript encoder image encoder you are free to create any sort of binary file you wish and manually adjust the DPI value embedded int he binary.


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Hmmm. I will look into the JS encoder solution.Thanks. –  redGREENblue Jan 29 '13 at 20:37
Better than doing an entire encoder for the PNG/JPEG, use the native encoder, then rewrite the bytes in the header that define the pixel density metadata. In PNG it's the pHYs chunk [must be injected by converting the canvas to a blob, and slicing the chunk in], and in JPEG its easier as you must only rewrite bits 13-16. –  Michael Deal May 31 at 20:15
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