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I have got similar question answerd on here before, but this time, it is a little more challenging for me, all what I need is to remove | between name "\WAPNER| john | M\"

it will be a plus to remove the back slashes too.


10.46|5060|100002366551140|\WAPNER| john | M\ |100002366551750

Desired output

 10.46|5060|100002366551140|\WAPNER john  M\ |100002366551750

it will be perfect if your solution will also work with names with single slash :)

 10.46|5060|100002366551140|\WAPNER|  M\ |100002366551750

output will be

 10.46|5060|100002366551140|\WAPNER M\ |100002366551750

Thank you

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You already asked this earlier today. Were the answers there helpful? If not, you can comment and edit your question, instead of creating a duplicate. – andrewdotn Jan 23 '13 at 21:48
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This might work for you (GNU Sed):

sed -r '/\\[^\\]*\\/{s//\n&\n/;h;s/[\\|]//g;G;s/.*\n(.*)\n.*\n(.*)\n.*\n/\2\1/}' file
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absolutely amazing! thank you! – Deano Jan 25 '13 at 16:32

Try this

awk -F '\\'  '{ gsub("|", "", $2); print $0 }'  inputfile > newfile
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will this work with names which has 2 slashes as well? example \WAPNER | M\ – Deano Jan 23 '13 at 20:46
Yes, the slashes are removed because IFS is set to \ which is the '\\' escaped backslash. OFS remains the default, so when the $0 string is written all \ chars ignored when printing. If there are some \'s you have to keep this code will not work for you. – jim mcnamara Jan 23 '13 at 21:35
+1 for the solution but ITYM FS not IFS in your comment. For @user1007727 - don't keep changing your requirements, just tell us what it really is you need to do so we can help you solve it one time. – Ed Morton Jan 24 '13 at 13:32
$ echo "10.46|5060|100002366551140|\WAPNER| john | M\ |100002366551750" | awk -F'|' '{print $1"|"$2"|"$3"|"$4$5$6"|"$7}' | sed s.\\\\..g
10.46|5060|100002366551140|WAPNER john  M |100002366551750

Note it'll work only assuming there are always 3 '|' chars to remove.

UPDATE: seems I didn't notice the title - if you want to remove all '|' characters between a pair of '\'s, jim mcnamara's solution is better.

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try this

sed -re 's/\\(\w+)(\|)( \w* )(\|)([ A-Za-z]+)\\/\1\3\5/g' temp.txt


10.46|5060|100002366551140|WAPNER john M |100002366551750

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