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I am using Laravel's fluent query builder to insert a row into a table and want to get the newly inserted row's id. For instance, I would normally do something like:

public static function next_id() {
    $con = self::getInstance();
    return (int)mysqli_insert_id($con);

Is there a simple solution?

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3 Answers

Ok, just flicked through \laravel\database\query.php and on line 820, there is a function called insert_get_id($values, $column = 'id') where the second parameter appears to return any column, but id by default!

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yup it's on the doc http://laravel.com/docs/database/fluent - inserting record part

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$id = DB::table('table_name')->insertGetId(
array('email' => 'john@example.com', 'votes' => 0));   return $id;
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