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I am using galleria 1.2.8. and i try to rotate an image after it is loaded by galleria. For this i am using the jquery rotate plugin ( I did attach to the "loadfinish" event and then do e.imageTarget.rotate(90). Then i get the error: "TypeError: e.imageTarget.rotate is not a function". When i do a "e.imageTarget" in the console i do get the img object, but i suspect that its not added to the DOM already and thats why its not working. I also tried to attach to the "image" event, but there i get the same error.

Any Ideas how i could make the rotation work with galleria?

Thanks, Sven

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e.imageTarget is not a jQuery object, it's an HTML element, according to the docs:

imageTarget (HTML element) The IMG element of the now loaded image before transition.

HTML elements have no property called rotate. You need to wrap it in a jQuery object:

this.bind("loadfinish", function(e) {
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Thank you, thats the solution :-) –  sveri Jan 23 '13 at 22:55

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