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I've been following Addy Osmani's guide on using grunt and the bbb plugin to build a small backbone.js app. However, I am still confused about a couple of things. For instance, after running "bbb init" my page will not load. I get reference errors on both the css and require.js files.

I am building in a LAMP environment (MAMP on OSX). I know grunt-bbb can work off of Node.js but does it have to? Backbone after all is a client side mvc framework, so I believe it should work. When I run "bbb server" to start the development server, then everything seems fine. But I won't be able to deploy to a node server. I have to host my app on Apache.

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Are you running your app in a subfolder? (e.g.: localhost/my/app) Or to the root?

Backbone-Boilerplate set the app.root value to / by default. If you're running in a subfolder, you'll need to update the value here:

Also update files path in index.html (line 13 and line 33)

If you're not using pushState, you can set the value to an empty string. Otherwise, add the root folder.

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Thanks Simon. I updated app.root to my subdirectory and prepended that subdirectory to the paths created in index.html. I also had to change the data-main attribute in index.html to "app/config" and that worked. I guess just assumed grunt would handle the paths for you, but I guess it makes sense that grunt wouldn't know where your server root was or where you were building your project. – Jeff Jan 23 '13 at 21:56
@user2005291 - it looks like Simon answered your question. If so the proper response on StackOverflow is to "accept" it (click the checkmark). – carbontax Jan 24 '13 at 13:49

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