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we have a project in Jira and it has 10 components. how can I create a summary table(gadget) to show the open tickets for each components?

Below is sample of desired output:

ComponentName NumberOfTickets
component1  5
component2  1
component3  0
component4  10


edit: mdoar's solution worked for my original questions. Is it possible to have additional field as group, such as status, disired output

ComponentName Open InProgress QA Closed
component1  5 4 1 10
component2  1 0 1 3
component3  0 1 5 9
component4  10 1 4 6

Thanks you!

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Create a filter such as: project = FOO and resolution is empty Save the filter Create a new Issue Statistics gadget on a dashboard and configure it to use the saved filter Choose Component as the field to group by.

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this works perfect, thanks! –  Henry Jan 24 '13 at 15:31

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