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I currently have an application which calls httpResponse.End() to end a request, however, following Microsoft's recommendations and to keep it from throwing an exception I am trying to change it to HttpContext.CompleteRequest,

My question however is, what is the HttpContext object? And where do I get it inside the controller?

EDIT: I initially posted a question that was similar, in order to change the title I deleted the question and tried asking it again (there is probably a better way). StackOverflow prevented me from doing it because it was a 'duplicate', although I already deleted it. Adding this, so it allows me to post.

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The correct way is to edit your question. – Tim Schmelter Jan 23 '13 at 21:48
Yeah, I realized that right after doing this. – Art F Jan 23 '13 at 21:48
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It is static (Or at least has the appearance of being so) and accessible within MVC Controllers, ASP.NET web forms and I would assume ASP.NET web pages (have not used).

The Current property gives you access to Session, Cache and all the things you associate with an active Web context.

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System.Web.HttpContext.Current will bring you the current httpContext

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